Excelsior Hook and Ladder Company No. 1 Staff


Black and white photograph of the Alert Hose Co.1 and Excelsior Hook and Ladder Co. 1 in 1894. Courtesy of: Threadcity.us


Black and white photograph of Excelsior Hook and Ladder Company No.1 staff in May 23rd, 1908. Courtesy of: Threadcity.us


Black and white photograph of Exclesior Hook and Ladder Company No.1 staff, date unknown. Courtesy of: Threadcity.us


Certificate of enlistment of Mr. Dreschler into Excelsior Hook and Ladder Company No. 1 in 1915. Courtesy of: Ron Robillard


13 Bank Street


  • Joseph R. Batting: Foreman (Maybe line 5569)
  • E. W. Jacobs: First Assistant Foreman (Connecticut-born, Age: 34, Occupation: Overseer at thread mill)
  • P. Kramer: Second Assitant Foreman (Connecticut-born, German descent, Age: 40, Occupation: Carriage maker at carriage shop)
  • Charles H. Beebe: Secretary (Connecticut-born, Age: 41, Occupation: Overseer a silk mill)
  • A. H. Fryer: Treasurer (Connecticut-born, English descent, Age: 36, Occupation: B-keeper at Swift Company)
  • William E. Tinker: Steward (Connecticut-born, Age:29, Occupation: Fixer at thread mill)


  • Carl R. Alford (No data)
  • F. T. Bennett (Connecticut-born, Age: 33, Occupation: Butcher at meat market)
  • W. H. Buckingham (Connecticut-born, Age: 25, Occupation: Inspector at thread mill)
  • L. Babcock (No data)
  • Henry M. Congdon (Connecticut-born, Age:30, Occupation: Shipping clerk of laundry)
  • J. Fergason (inconclusive data, lines 3373-3374)
  • F. W. Gerrick (Connecticut-born, German descent, Age: 34, Occupation: Plumber with own shop)
  • E. Hitchcock (woman? line 4755)
  • William Hadfield (Connecticut-born, English descent, Age: 33, Occupation: Spinner at thread mill)
  • T. Johnson (Swedish, Age: 49, Occupation: Teamster at grain store)
  • A. E. Jacobs (No data)
  • A. E. Judge (No data)
  • M. E. Ladd (Connecticut-born, Age: 37, Occupation: Fixer at thread mill)
  • E. P. Ladd (Connecticut-born, Age: 40, Occupation: Machinist at thread mill)
  • William Lutton (Scotland-born, Irish descent, Age: 32, Occupation: Bookkeeper at thread mill)
  • Charles Miller (Massachussetts-born, German descent, Age: 41, Occupation: Foreman at cotton mill)
  • Warren Nichols (Connecticut-born, Age: 46, Occupation: Shipping department at thread mill)
  • Elmer Norton (New York-born, Age: 46, Occupation: Painter)
  • Carl Picknell (Connecticut-born, Age: 33, Occupation: Carpenter)
  • Frank Powell (Rhode Island-born, English descent, Age: 18, Occupation: Public garage proprietor)
  • Arthur Small (No data)
  • G. A. Thompson (Connecticut-born, Age:40, Occupation: Spoolmaker at thread mill)
  • J. P. Thompson (Connecticut-born, Age: 29, Occupation: Machine fixer at thread mill)
  • A. Taylor (Connecticut-born, Place of work: thread milll)
  • E. Weeks (No data)
  • A. F. White (Connecticut-born, German descent, Age: 28, Occupation: Weaver at silk mill)
  • William Harrington (Connecticut-born, Age: 28, Occupation: Merchant at the 5 & 10 cent store)
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