Hilltop Hose Company, No. 3 Staff

CTS Clark Collection- Gamache Hilltop No 3 May 1908.tif

Black and white photograph of Hilltop Hose Company No.3 in May of 1908. Photo Courtesy of: Clark Collection in the Connecticut Studies Center located at Eastern Connecticut State University.

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Black and white photograph of Hilltop Hose Co. in a clam bake at Ayer's Grove on September 20th, 1908. Photo courtesy of: Threadcity.us


Black and white photograph of the Hilltop Hose Company No.3 on the day of their 20th year anniversary. A banquet was held and city leaders were present. Photograph courtesy of: Ron Robillard


Black and white photograph of the Hilltop Hose Co. It was equipped with two horse wagons as well as the old Excelsior Hook and Ladder truck.  Courtesy of: Threadcity.us


2020 photograph of Hilltop Hose Company No.3. Courtesy of: Old House Dreams


207 Summit Street

Year Building Was Built 



The Hilltop Hose Company No.3 was created after rersidents of the Hill Section and other prominent citizens petitioned the city council the formation of a firehouse to service them after a fire large brushfire raged in their community. The formation of the fire company was suggested to have 10 volunteer members and a house built for less than $50. The equivalent of $50 in 1887 is $1574.58 in the economy of 2023.


  • Arthur D. Chaffee: Foreman (Connecticut-born, Age: 37, Occupation: Silk manufacturer)
  • Louis N. Dondero: First Assistant Foreman (Connecticut-born, Italian-descent, Age: 29)
  • Benjamin W. Hills: Second Assistant Foreman (Connecticut-born, English-descent, Occupation: Butcher at the meat market)
  • Elmer M. Young: Collector and Secretary (Rhode Island-born, Occupation:Electrician of general wiring)
  • George E. Gifford: Treasurer (Connecticut-born, Age:40, Occupation: Salesman at dry goods store)
  • Adelard Sarazin: Steward (No data)


  • Frank M. Lincoln (Connecticut-born, Age: 29, Occupation: Lumber coal and insurance business)
  • Charles J. Dondero (Connecticut-born, Italian-descent, Age: 26, Occupation: Bookkeeper at railroad company)
  • Michael McDonald (No data)
  • Edmund J. Gelinas (No data)
  • Albert J. Fournier (French-Canadian, Age: 25, Occupation: Salesman at dry goods store)
  • Eugene Galor (New York-born, Irish descent, Age: 42, Occupation: Laborer at thread mill)
  • Elmer Brindamour (Rhode Island-born, French Canadian-descent, Age: 25, Occupation: Pattern maker at a foundry)
  • O. B. Brindamour (No data)
  • Leon A. Dunham (Connecticut-born, Place of Work: Thread mill)
  • Louis P. Roberts (Connecticut-born, French-descent, Age: 22, Occupation: Machinist at thread mill)
  • James H. Hurley (Connecticut-born, Irish-descent, Age: 36, Occupation: Merchant at hardware store)
  • George E. Bates (No data)
  • Walter P. Brooke (No data)
  • Charles A. K. Edwards (Massachussetts-born, Age: 26, Occupation: Machinist at machine shop)
  • C. Howard Chaffee (No data)
  • Fred H. Thompson (Connecticut-born, Age: 29, Occupation: Machine fixer at thread mill)
  • Dennis F. Moran (Connecticut-born, Irish-descent, Age: 33, Occupation: Barber)
  • Frank St. John (Connecticut-born, French Canadian-descent Age:26, Occupation:Brakeman at railroad company)
  • Otto B. Robinson (New Jersey-born, Age: 37, Occupation: Railway at postal clerk)
  • Edwin S. Russ (Connecticut-born, Age: 27, Occupation: Agent of insurance)
  • Harold C. Lincoln (Connecticut-born, Age: 27, Occupation: Merchant of furniture)
  • Archie J. Vegiard (No data)
  • L. Leo Thompson (No data)
  • Walter R. King (Massachussetts-born, Age: 35, Occupation: Clerk at post office)
  • George L. Rosebrooks, Jr.  (Connecticut-born, Age:30, Occupation: Restaurant proprietor)
  • Alfred L. Browne (Connecticut-born, Age:19, Occupation: horseman at stable)
  • Louis J. Caisse (No data)
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