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Map of the bridges across the Willimantic River in Willimantic, CT

1910 Willimantic African Americans.png
Graduated symbol map showing location and size of African American households in 1910 Willimantic

Population Age Pyramid for 1910 Willimantic, Immigrants Only, in 5-year age bins

Table of count of number of immigrant by country of birth of 1910 Willimantic residents

Heatmap illustrating the percentage of all immigrants (foreign-born residents living in Willimantic in 1910) from each home country that immigrated in a specific decade

Heatmap of when foreign-born 1910 Willimantic residents immigrated from their home country to the United States. The cell color indicates the total number of Willimantic residents immigrating in each decade from each country.

WC 19100601_deaths_funerals.png
Screenshot of Ad for Comtois Furniture and Funeral Services

Ad for New London Business College in Willimantic Chronicle 1910-06-01. Graphic shows a rolled up diploma dispensing bags of money

Detail of GF Cram Connecticut map 1901_medium.png
Map illustrating the railways passing through Willimantic

Map of roads in 1910 Willimantic, with major and minor roads
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