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1910 olsmobile fire truck.jpg
1910 Oldsmobile Fire Truck outside of the Grand Rapids Fire Department

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Screenshot of 1910 Willimantic census transcription in Excel

1910 Willimantic Census Scan

Black and white postcard from 1911 of a trolley with important buildings from Willimantic in the background.

Black and white photograph of the Hilltop Hose No.3 Championship bowling team. For several years, the YMCA hosted an intercity bowling league at its alley where the "Hilltoppers" competed against seven other teams from organizations such as theā€¦

Colorized photograph of the 1925 graduates of St. Joseph's Hospital Training School. The hospital served the community from 1907-1933.

Black and white photograph taken in 1944 of a 4 cylinder 1908 Model T.

A 1910 fire alarm telegraph station

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