This exhibit presents information on the different Education Institutions that were present in Willimantic during 1910. It also features historical context about what was happening in the world of education during 1910 across the United States.

  Some of the pages also feature information about schools in Willimantic with a brief description of what classes or content areas they taught, their teaching faculty, and the respective subjects/grades they taught. The list of faculty members will allow you to get an idea of how many students were in attendance. The later pages feature information about the education budget, as well as issues they addressed.  

This exhibit was created by Jenna Rice for the HIS 388 during Fall of 2022 and was later expanded on by Paula Hernandez in Spring of 2023 for HIS 480 with the guidance of Dr. Jamel Ostwald.


Black and white photograph of the Normal School in Willimantic on 1910. Photo sourced from: