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Black and white photograph of the Alert Hose Co. 1 wagon and Firemen gathering to participate in a parade in New London. They were escorted to the station by the Fire Police and a marching band.

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Black and white photo of right side three-quarter view of New Haven Railroad steam engine number 1721, engine type 4-4-0, coupled to pay car. Glossy new paint. White flags next to headlight. Catenary bridge above locomotive. Photo taken in June of…

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Pacific Electric "red cars" share the street with horse carts in Los Angeles in c. 1905. Courtesy of:

According to Larned, panicked Windham residents call out the militia in response to strange frog calls in June of 1754.

"The Factory Village" painting by Julian Alden Weir in 1897.

1790 U.S. Census Scan

Black and White photograph of the first automobile, the 1886 Benz, invented by German Engineer Karl Benz.

CTS Clark Collection Willimantic Picture Book 1894 .pdf
Black and white scan of a 1894 Willimantic picture book with photos of churches in the city.

Black and white photograph of the staff that represented the State Normal School in 1901. This is also representative of the amount of staff the school had in 1910.

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1910 Police Department including a motorcycle officer
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