Colorized photograph of the Thread City Cyclers in front of Tilden Block in 1912. Courtesy of:


Black and white photograph of the Thread City Cyclers. Courtesy of: Ron Robillard


Black and white photograph of Joe Chasse of Willimantic in 1912. Courtesy of:

Local Ownership of Motorcycles (State-Level)

  According to the Laws Concerning Motor Vehicles and List of Automobiles Showing Taxable Horse-Power Ratings, Also Table of Fees, and List of Registered Motor Vehicles for the state of Connecticut in 1910, there were 2,155 registered motorcycles.

Cycler's Club

  Like in the rest of the United States, bicycles were very popular in Willimantic. A club was created for those who enjoyed riding bycicles, the Thread City Cyclers. According to the 1909-1910 city directory the Thread City Cyclers met once a year the third Thursday of April at 674 Main Street. The leadership of the club at the time was: 

  • President: Charles Hills
  • Secretary: William Thompson
  • Financial Secretary: George W. Hickey
  • Treasurer: F. M. Lincoln 

  This club was very involved in the community, they had an orchestra, did amateur theater shows, and participated in local events.  

Local Cycling-Related Businesses

   Bicycle dealers and repairers in town according to the 1909-1910 city directory:

 John C. Lincoln - 659 Main

The Jordan Hardware Co. - 670 Main