Horse-Drawn Vehicles


Colorized photograph of C.A. Hawkin's Willimantic Carriage and Jobbing Shop that was originally located at the corner of Jackson and Ash St. Courtesy of:


Colorized photograph of the livery/stables in 22 Bank St. Courtesy of:


Colorized photograph of Caillouette's refrigerator cart in front of the Boston store. Caillouette’s store was at 921 Main St , just about where the Post Office is today. Courtesy of: 


Colorized photograph of National Biscuit Company's Carriage in the 1910 July 4th parade. The parade, which was over one mile long, included a “work horse” division. Courtesy of:


Colorized photograph of man in horse carriage in Willimantic. Courtesy of:

Gamache Melony Block Fire May 1908 2 (CTS Tony Clark Collection 4.1 #43) med.jpg

Black and white photograph of horse-drawn fire engine at Melony Block Fire in 1908. Photo sourced from the Gamache Photo Collection at Eastern Connecticut State University.

   Horse carriages were still a common mode of transport in 1910 Willimantic, since cars were expensive for many. Horses were cared for and could be found in liveries. In the city there were liveries, stables, blacksmiths, horseshoers, a carriage repository, a horse clother, and several veterinary surgeons. According to the 1910 Willmantic Census there were: 17 blacksmiths, 15 wagon drivers, 6 horslers, 4 carriage makers, 2 horsemen, 1 carriage painter, 1 horse dealer, 1 horse boy, 1 horse breaker, 1 horseshoer, 1 horse driver, 1 wagon maker, 1 wagon trimmer, and 1 veterinary surgeon.

The following is a list of horse-drawn vehicle related businesses in town in 1909-1910 according to the city directory:

Livery and Sale Stables.

James P. Brown (sale) - 289 Lewiston Avenue

George E. Challenger - The Windham Inn 

J & J Johnson - 35 North

Merrill H. Johnson - 44 Union

Charles H. Jordan - 22 Bank

Killourey John, estate of, 36 Union

Murphy Bros - 55 Church

Antley R. Potter - 915 Main

Archibald W. Turner (sale) -767 Main

Blacksmiths and Horseshoers

Frank E. Flagg - 443 Jackson 

T. Loiselle - 53 Center

Gustave R. Nelson - 312 Jackson

Albert E. Potter- South Coventry

Charles W. Russell -South Windham

James J. Tew - 71 Church

John O. Trudeau - 43 Bank

Albert C. Whitaker - 499 Jackson

Frank Wilcox - Windham

Ernest H. Woodworth - South Coventry

Carriage Painters.

Burnham A R agent - 180 Valley

Clarence A. Hawkins - 439 Jackson

J W. Rollson - 53 Center

Carriage Repositories.

George S. Elliott -1015 Main

Carriage Trimmers.

Burnham A R agt -180 Valley

Horse Clothing

George S. Elliott - 1015 Main

Veterinary Surgeons.

Bert K. Dow - 784 Main

Herbert L. Switzer - 767 Main

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Horse-Drawn Vehicles