Occupation-Based Societies and or Organizations


Insignia of Willimantic Horseshoe Park Agricultural Association in 1906. Courtesy of: Threadcity.us

Willimantic in 1910 had many occupation-based instances of cultural infrastructure as well. Even though Willimantic was a city, since it was surrounded by rural eastern Connecticut it had several agriculture based organizations. These included the Horseshoe Park Agricultural Association and the Patrons of Husbandry, which was most notably known for the Grange. A grange used to be a bigger farmhouse or designated building for community gatherings and meetings between farmers. These groups generally created support networks for farmers.

There was also an organization that focused on trade, the Willimantic Board of Trade, which promoted Willimantic business and industry. There was even a Willimantic Retail Dealers' Association which was focused on trade occupations specifically. Finally, there was the presence of the Willimantic Clerks Protective Association, which was a mutual support organization for clerks in town.

Willimantic and Culture
Occupation-Based Societies and or Organizations