Crime: Cases

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Introduction of the report of the Captain of Police in the 1909 Willimantic Annual Mayor's Report.

Crimes that Stood Out

   Some crimes were called to the readers' attention in the 1909 Annual Report of the Mayor - this report was also published in The Willimantic Chronicle in November. It is important to note not all crimes and arrests happened in Willimantic but were still listed in the Annual Report of the Mayor. 

  • George Haynes was arrested in November 4th, 1909 in Willimantic. He was arrested for larceny of $42 from Mrs. M. Bushan's house in the town of Lebanon. Haynes was turned over to an officer of that town and taken there for trial. The stolen money was returned to its owner in its entirety. $42 in 1909 is equivalent to $1,369.83 in 2023. 

  • On April 15th of 1910, Nicholas Sheehan was arrested in Willimantic and charged with assault with intent to "carnally know a female child" (pedophilia and possible rape). He was brought over to the police court where probable cause was found and bound over to the superior court for trial. 

  • In July 17th of 1910 Sophia Wolinska was charged for murder commited in Willimantic. She was brought before the police court where probable cause was found and bound over to the Superior Court for trial. 

  • Stanislaw Ziembza was arrested in this city, charged with assault with a knife on Officer P.J Hurley, who had arrested him for making a disturbance on Yellow Row. He was brought before the police court, found guilty and received a sentence of six months and a fine of one hundred dollars for assault on the officer, and thirty days and costs of court for breach of peace, in Brooklyn jail.