Health Services: Introduction

By 1910, the professionalization of the medical practice was obvious in Willimantic. As the main city in the area, Willimantic provided a variety of health services for both residents and visitors - hospitals, doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacies and even opticians. The map below illustrates the locations of the hospitals and practices present in 1910 - successive pages describe the people who provided these services.


Map of different health services in 1910 Willimantic created by Dr. Jamel Ostwald.

The concentration of medical facilities on Main Street is not a surprise since it was the main thoroughfare. In addition to the cluster of offices along Church Street, also noteworthy is the concentration at Main Street and Railroad Street (underneath the Foot Bridge), a convenient distance from the railroad depot for both practitioners who lived out of town and for out-of-town patients.

Health Services