Alert Hose Company No. 1 Staff


Black and white photograph of the Alert Hose Co. and Excelsior Hook and Ladder Co. in 1894. Courtesy of:


Black and white photograph of Alert Hose Company No. 1 staff, date unknown. Courtesy of:


Black and white photograph of the Alert Hose Company No.1 firemen and wagon gathering for a parade in New London. Courtesy of:

The volunteer nature of the fire companies can be seen from their personal details.


13 Bank Street


The Alert Hose Company No. 1 used to be Fountain Hose No. 1 


  • James P. Mustard: Foreman (Delware-born, Age: 32, Occupation: Merchant of tea and coffee)
  • William H. Smith: First Assistant Foreman (Connecticut-born, English-descent, Age: 34, Occupation: Dyer at silk mill)
  • John B. Edgarton: Second Assistant Foreman (Connecticut-born, Age: 37, Occupation: Freight clerk at railroad company)
  • Charles H. Bass: Secretary (No data)
  • George K. Anderson: Treasurer (No data)
  • O.P Smith: Collector (Pennsylvania-born, Age: 36, Occupation:Clerk at post office)
  • R.A Dimock: Steward (Connecticut-born, Age: 31, Occupation: Packer at thread mill)


  • Dana F. Martin (Connecticut Native, age 42)
  • John T. Bradshaw (Connecticut-born, Scottish and English descent, Age 49, Occupation: commercial traveler for groceries)
  • D.C. Peacock (Canada-born, Scottish/English descent, Age: 30, Occupation: Civil engineer of state roads)
  • J. N.Williams (Connecticut-born, English descent, Age: 36, Occupation: Janitor at school house)
  • E. E. Woodward ( Connecticut-born, Age: 31, Occupation: Dresser at thread mill)
  • J. M. Carpenter (Connecticut-born, Age 32, Occupation: Clerk at silk mill office)
  • H. E. Potter (No data)
  • Frank P. Fenton (Connecticut-born, Age: 36, Occupation: Town clerk at Windham)
  • George H. Millerd (Connecticut-born, Age: 34, Occupation: Boxer at thread mill)
  • George W. Williams (Connecticut-born, English-descent, Age: 38, Occupation: Janitor at city hall)
  • R. E. Mitchell (No data found)
  • Fred Hornberger ( Massachussetts-born, German descent, Age: 47, Occupation: Carpenter)
  • Carl J. Robinson (No data)
  • Francis U. McLean (No data)
  • Charles H. Perkins ( Connecticut-born, Age: 38, Occupation: House painter)
  • W. S. Congdon (Connecticut-born, Age: 34, Occupation: Supervisor of block dying at thread mill)
  • R. E. Mellody (No data found)
  • H. A. Worden (Connecticut-born, Age:30, Occupation: Driver wago at express company)
  • A. W. French (Connecticut-born, Age: 30, Occupation: Paymaster at threadmill)
  • George C. Waters ( Massachussetts-born, English descent, Occupation: Section hand at thread mill)
  • F. W. Hornberger (Massachussetts-born, Age: 25, Occupation: Winder at thread mill)
  • Elmer E. Carpenter (Connecticut-born, Age 23, Occupation: Finisher at silk mill)
  • Uriah Linderbeck (New York-born, Age: 38, Occupation: Electric engineer at cotton mill)
  • Bert Moore (No data found)