Willimantic Fire Data

Map of Willimantic Fires.png

Map of fires in Willimantic, 1901-1910

From a period of 1901 to 1910 there were a total of 237 fires in the city of Willimantic. In 1910, 49 fires occurred in the city which 42 of happened during the day. The cause of fires in 1910 Willimantic, ranged from a brush fire started by matches to automobiles that caught on fire. The biggest cause of fires in 1910 was determined to be unclean and unkept chimneys which cause 17 of the 49 fires registered for that year. 


According to the Mayor's Annual Statement for the year ending in October 31st, 1909, there was total monetary loss of building and contents of $4305. Insurance paid $3,283.75 of the total loss. In 2023, the monetary losses for fires would surmount $140,407.81 and insurance would have covered $107,099.66 of that amount. The loss over insurance in 1909 was $1,021.25 or $33,308.15 in 2023 because of inflation. 

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