ATCO Fire Brigade

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Street view of Dugan Mill and the Mill Museum in 2023. Courtesy of: Google maps. Photo edited by: Paula Hernandez


Photograph of hose cart from the 1890s in the Dugan Mill Museum, the ATCO fire brigade headquarters in the past. Photo taken at the Dugan Mill Museum by Paula Hernandez

Dugan Building, adjacent to the Mill Museum, accessible from Union Street


423 Main Street


  This building was originally a one-story and basement only brick structure established in 1877 as a warehouse. In the first decade of the 20th century, the American Threadmill Company created the headquarters of their very own fire brigade. The headquarters were located in a second floor addition. In 1920, the American Thread Company disbanded the fire brigade and modeled the facility as a meeting hall. This fire brigade was known as the American Fire Brigade and it is unknown if the firemen were also workers at the mill. The names of the firemen of this brigade are unknown. 


  Today, the building where the mill company's fire brigade used to be, is known as Dugan Mill. In 1985, the building was donated to the Mill Musuem and is an exhibit anyone can visit. More information on the history of the building can be found here and information on the exhibits available on this link