W.P.D: Other Responsibilities

In 1910 the Police Department in Willimantic took on other responsibilities aside from maintaining public order and safety, enforcing the law, and preventing, detecting, and investigating criminal activities. Most frequent was dealing with goods found or left in streets during their patrols. In the 1909 Mayor's Annual Report, E.H. Richmond the Captain of Police, lists under the 'Miscellaneous' category:

  • Bicycles found on streets after midnight and returned to owners: 6
  • Doors found open and secured: 49
  • Lost children found and restored to parents: 12
  • Number of hours electric lights were out and reported to City Treasurer for deduction, presumably from the city's electric bill: 398
  • Obstructions to streets and sidewalks reported: 12
  • Stray horse teams found on streets and put up at stable: 8
  • Value of stolen property recovered: $644.80
  • Tramps lodged at station hourse: 493

In another section titled 'Goods Found on Streets, Remaining Unclaimed', the Captain of Police lists:

  • Bicycles: 2
  • Ladies' belts: 2
  • Lap robe: 1
  • Lady's veil: 1
  • Set of men's underwear: 1
  • Ladies' coats: 2
W.P.D: Other Responsibilities